Mark Thomas


Mark Thomas is an English comedian, political activist, political satirist and writer.

Mark’s discography includes books on the arms trade, numerous comedy and TV shows.

He is well known bringing awareness to human rights causes and the wrongdoings of the arms trade as well as the political elite through the use of comedy.

In 2002 Mark was awarded the Kurdistan National Congress Medal of Honour for his involvement in the campaign opposing the Ilisu Dam project in Batman, Turkey. The historical site of Hasankeyf will be flooded if the dam is opened.

Mark has had many television and radio appearances, as well as his own political comedy show on Channel 4, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product. Through his work and campaigning during this show, he succeeded in gaining a change to a law that was used for tax avoidance.

His plays include Bravo Figaro, Cuckooed and 100 Acts of Minor Dissent. Mark has performed many sold out shows at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn. His latest show Trespass has not been an exception.

Mark is the author of BELCHING OUT THE DEVIL Global Adventures with Coca-Cola (2009), As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground Adventures in the Arms and Torture Trade (2006) and 100 Acts of Minor Dissent (2015).

Mark grew up and continues to live in South London, with his wife and two children. Proud and very much attached to his local area, his children attended the same primary school he had. Mark studied drama at Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire.