Medical aid for civilians escaping Raqqa


Re-build is raising funds to help provide medication and medical devices urgently needed for people stuck in the warfare in Syria.


The Syrian Defence Forces (SDF) are fighting to liberate Raqqa, the defacto capital city of ISIL/ISIS in Syria, which has more than 100,000 civilians stuck in the city being used as human shield by ISIL. Due to the intense warfare; explosions due to boobytraps laid by ISIL and their snipers – hundreds of people are severely injured and in need of urgent medical aid.

re-build is responding to the call made by the doctors on ground, to supply more medical aid. The doctors are working in very harsh conditions without medication and basic medical devices that could save lives. Please help us raise money so we can pay for some medication and some of these devices urgently needed on the ground, while the last major city in Syria is being liberated from ISIL.

This campaign is also being run through JustGiving, you can donate from here!

Donate using a credit card here OR by texting RAQA00 followed by amount (£X) to 70070 

Information on Raqqa Campaign

The Raqqa campaign  is an ongoing military operation launched by the Syrian Defence Forces (SDF) lead by the Kurdish fighters against the so called ISIS/ISIL in North Syria, with the goal of isolating and eventually capturing the Islamic State’s capital city, Raqqa. It is thought that half the city’s inhabitants (which was 200,000 before ISIL invaded) are stuck in the warfare, being used as human shield by ISIL. After the liberation of Mosul in Iraq, it is thought that many thousands of ISIL fighters fled to Raqqa to protect their defacto capital city and hence it is already the most difficult/bloody war against ISIL with many civilian and SDF casualties. The liberation of Raqqa will be the biggest blow to ISIL, bringing their end ever closer.

Some images sent to us from one of the doctors we are in contact with in Raqqa. Note: We are not sharing images with serious  injuries on our website.