Aid Campaign for victims of Afrin



People sit atop a trailer with their belongings fleeing a Turkish offensive in Syria’s Afrin region, March 15, 2018. (Photo: Reuters)

Help us help the people displaced from Afrin

We call upon the international community to help the displaced people of Afrin (North Syria) following the Turkish state’s heavy bombardment of the region and recent invasion of the city on 18 March 2018.

Donation Reference: Afrin

Afrin was one of Syria’s most stable and secure regions. The pre-war population of 500 thousand in 2011 increased to approximately one million with the arrival of internally displaced people (IDPs) escaping war zones in Syria.

In the two months of heavy bombardment and ground assaults, more than 300 civilians were killed and over 700 people were severely injured including many children. Houses, schools, mosques, hospitals, dams, refugee camps and other civic buildings were bombed and destroyed. Of the 300,000 displaced people, 160,000 people are in the Shebha region, with the remaining families dispersed in Sherawa, Noboul, Zehraa, and Aleppo.

Dr Akif Kobani working in the region says “These people urgently need help. They have nothing. They could only save their lives when they ran away. We need everything, we need baby milk, blankets, medicine; the things people need day-to-day to survive basically. This area is not a built up area, there are no shops – it’s a desert that is surrounded from all four sides by regime or islamist forces.”

The co-chair of the Health Council in Afrin province, Angela Rasho, said: “Medical supplies are inadequate, especially surgical supplies. There has been a serious shortage of medical staff who have spread out to different locations to relieve the pressure. We appeal to all humanitarian organisations to help the people of Afrin.”

For this campaign re-build along with its partners on the ground has identified the following urgent medical needs:

  • Food Supplies: dry goods, including baby milk and dairy products for children;
  • Shelter (tents): there is currently only one refugee camp and there is urgent need for more shelters;
  • Health (Primary and Secondary Health Care): antenatal and midwifery support in the three mobile clinics; medication to support patients with insulin dependent diabetes and Thalassemia; dialysis equipment, vaccination, and general medical supplies for ambulances;
  • Water and Sanitation: water for washing and drinking. We anticipate an outbreak in epidemic diseases in case there is not an urgent response in this area; and
  • Winter Clothes: for all ages- coats, waterproofs, gloves, hats.

With your donations we can obtain food, medical and other survival supplies from North Iraq and the Cizre canton in North Syria to take them to Shebha region. We are calling out to the internationally community to make financial donations as any material donations can’t be delivered from Europe due to the blockade by bordering countries.