About Us

Re-build aims to help victims of conflict and natural disasters, in order to help them overcome the poverty and hardship they face.

We assist in the reconstruction of infrastructure, building healthcare facilities, building schools for children to return to education as soon as possible and finding solutions to housing needs. Our aim is to rebuild lives and livelihoods, making lasting and sustainable changes using local resources and labour. Along the journey of our quest we intend to work in harmony with our planet by making the most of what nature has to offer.

We strive to work hand in hand, on long term solutions, alongside communities affected by war or natural disaster.With our team of pro bono professionals and volunteers, we develop projects that relieve local people in disaster areas, of problems they face in terms of clean water, accommodation, schooling, healthcare and nutrition.

Our signature campaign of building an Eco-School in the town of Kobanê does not only aim at providing a sustainable living for the students accompanying their curriculum and teaching them aspects of all types of sustainability, but also providing a sustainable way of life for the local community as a whole. We are campaigning to make sure every child in this town has the opportunity to achieve their full potential through education.

Without you we would not be able to start our incredible work! We urge for your continued support in order to enable us to lay the foundations of many more wonderful projects.

Rebuild started off its work in 2015, and therefore has not filed any accounts yet. As and when we do, they will be available on this section of the website.

Incorporated on 4th March 2015, our constitution, the memorandum of the Re-Build Association United Kingdom- sets out our governing principles: our role, structure, and responsibilities.

We welcome support from commercial entities looking to join our work in rebuilding the lives of families and children in particular displaced by conflict or natural disasters. Whether you are an individual looking to help Re-Build through your independent work, or a company executive wanting to sponsor any part of our work, please get in touch with our fundraising team for further details

Our Trustees

The work of Re-build is guided and supported by a General Committee composed of volunteer members and a Management Committee formed by the Trustees and the representatives of sub-committees. If you would like to be part of our big volunteer base, please get in touch.